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About Pioneer Wireless
Pioneer Wireless put stock in getting things going as the world's head telecom research and preparing focus.
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About Pioneer Wireless

Pioneer Wireless is a collection of experienced people who have been associated with telecom industry from the core level. The business type of Pioneer cellular is made and totally tailor made for telecommunications industry. The technical staff members is  another merit of Pioneer wireless which makes it  far better to be selected as a key partner, providing  a robust platform for various telecommunications networks planning, optimization, Drive test ,installation, commissioning and integration activities.

The development of Pioneer Wireless services gives our manpower new challenge which sparks the zeal to further expand the capacities to a new horizon. Being part of the industry and involved practically in the work activities of various projects has enabled all of us with the strong capacities of building strong employees, creating a rugged program for our organization. The dynamic nature of this industry is well imbibed with our core assignments planning as well as operations.

Market trend counsel progressive new services are definitely the backbone in retaining consumer base. New services demand new technologies bringing in new challenges for the network deployment. Integration of new hardware and software modules in the existing live network is another hurdle in commercializing the "next-generation services". These market evolutions gave rise to classifications of technologies and hybridization of networks with various standards and technical specs for implementations at the infrastructure level as well network deployment level.

The technology understanding of Pioneer wireless services and the intricacies in deployment of 3G, 4G network nodes is one of the major merits of Pioneer wireless to be chosen for 4G rollout assignments The manpower of Pioneer wireless draws its specialized skill sets fundamentally with 4G technology.

We provide A to Z alternatives in the field of telecom and wireless networking all our esteemed clients with an occurrence in almost 18 states in India. The management takes keen interest in all the assignments the company undertakes, so the good thing about personal involvement in case of problems or opportunities in business is discussed well within time. This plan has helped us to build up to formulate an improved customer relationship.